“STAY CONNECTED TO YOUR ROOTS” The first word that comes to my mind everytime I think about my beautiful native place is #heaven😍 Bewildering snow covered Mountains… Cold untamed Water Bodies… Beautiful Temples…. Admirable Culture… Incredible Traditions…. And Extremely friendly People… And this heaven is located in Himachal Pradesh , one of the most beautiful […]


HOLI : An All Out Paint War….

HOLI : An All-Out Paint War…. The festival of colours was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Angels Academy Public School. Holi is a joyous celebration of the rejuvenation of nature and renewed hope of happiness and peaceful co – existence. The display of colours symbolize the advent of a colourful and prosperous spring season. The […]

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“When I am silent . I fall into that place Where everything is music ” Rumi As I always says , music is the food for life…. and when you listen a soulful song in the morning…your entire day fills with happiness and your heart feels beautiful too. In love with this song…. Beautiful song […]

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An Unplanned Trip

साहिल तक चलती डगर और खुले आसमान की चादर, ना पीछे मेरा ठिकाना, ना सामने मेरी मंजिल ।। Each place I visited….sang to me in a different hue … Aasan Barrage is located near the meeting point of two rivers , namely Aasan and Yamuna in the Uttarakhand – Himachal Pradesh Border region in Doon […]

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HAPPY 70th Republic Day

कुछ बात है कि हस्ती, मिटती नहीं हमारी। सदियों रहा है दुश्मन, दौर-ए-ज़माँ हमारा।। Bharat is not just a Nation, it is a culture, a sentiment, it is an identity that binds us , a geography that defines us. It is the cornerstone of our past and the foundation of our future…. And…. it’s official […]

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Happy Moments

We think there is endless time to live but we never know which moment is last…. So share ! Care ! Love and celebrate every moment of life for success…. Accept what “is” … Let go what “was “and Have faith in what “will be” Stay positive and try to spread positivity…

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